Sep 022012

With Neil Armstrong’s passing, the Apollo 11 Customs form has resurfaced. You have to love this – especially following on the heels of the news that Neil Armstrong and his two crew members received an $8.00 a day per diem on the Apollo 11 flight to the moon (and yes, accommodations were deducted). So on their return they – like any other person entering the United States – had to complete a customs declaration. And in this case, the only thing they had acquired while away on their expedition was moon rocks and moon dust samples.

What makes this so remarkable is the sheer ordinariness of doing a Customs Declaration – and perhaps is was in sync with the NASA mentality of the time – surely with Neil Armstrong’s view of the trip – it was all in a day’s work and this was very much a team effort. Regardless of the technology used and the human achievement, everything was subordinate to the mission itself.

Unlike today, where doing anything, or even nothing at all, seems to warrant celebrity status. And so they continued to do the everyday things that needed to be done.

Like sign off on a Customs Form. (via Business Insider).

Apollo 11 Customs Form for Moon Rocks

Apollo 11 Customs Form for Moon Rocks

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