Apr 062012
Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has installed live webcams to protest Chinese 24 hour a day Surveillance of  his life

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei sleeping under his Webcam

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has installed live webcams in his home in Beijing to protest the state 24-hour surveillance of his life (there are more than 15 cameras outside his home).

Arrested last year at the Beijing airport as part of  China’s crackdown on a call for an Arab Spring inspired Jasmine Revolution, Ai Weiwei was imprisoned and interrogated for 81 days. He was released under probation on June 22, 2011 but has been monitored and followed on a daily basis.

Webcams are powerful tools, even symbolically: On April 4th, China authorities ordered the artist to turn off his webcams. In other words, the State is allowed to use technology to deprive you of your rights; but you are not allowed to use the same technology to protect yourself.