Jun 072012

Groupon Deal

I’m not sure what to make of this as a few sites have described the latest offer by Groupon in Chicago as a moment of levity. But I’ll go with the Chicagoist and others who see it as the “creepiest deal ever” offered by the online daily deals site, Groupon.

Yes, you read it right – an offer to be tucked into bed by a stranger. I’m trying to imagine how those in other parts of the world might see this if they stumbled across it online. The 800 million living on a dollar a day? The unemployed in Spain and Greece? Those hiding in village streets in northern Syria? Take your pick or add your own.

I know, I know, it’s supposed to be funny. But it’s incredibly hard to get the image out of your head. Not to mention how he might get out of your house once you’re “tucked-in.” As the Chicagoist noted:

Groupon is offering a deal today that pushes the boundaries of the forced-quirkiness of its sense of humor. It reads like an NSA Craigslist ad that we don’t want to know the end of. . . . 

. . . Thanks for the nightmares, Groupon. There’s something about the tenderness of a warm tuck-in that makes this extra weird.

As for the deal itself, here’s Groupon’s description:

Upon entering your bedroom, Ben Kobold immediately begins to analyze your linen seams and pillow placement, planning a tucking strategy as you enjoy a glass of water he has poured for you. After you hydrate, Ben’s sinewy, well-groomed fingers delicately raise each sheet and blanket over your body until you’re comfortably bundled. Careful not to disturb any children who may be in the adjacent room, Ben leans in and uses his summer-breeze-like voice to gently sing you one of the five lullabies he has authored. 

Good grief . . . nightmares, indeed.