Jul 292012

Google Glass is on its way, but here’s a project by two students, Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo, at the Bezaleal Academy of Arts. Completed as a graduation project,  it depicts a fully head-up display (HUD) through the use of contact lenses. Your entire world is overlaid with data and suddenly becomes highly interactive.

Honestly, this is both fascinating and scary. Yes, it would be very cool to just lay on my apartment floor and interact with a 3D environment. And maybe I could use better data from my refrigerator – though given my eating habits, it’s never very well stocked and living in NYC, grocery stores are only a few blocks away. But no, I really do not want to live in a world where I need a HUD to help me cut up a cucumber. I don’t want to sound old fashioned, but really, a virtual guide to slicing my vegetables?

Google Glass isn’t quite ready yet, but you know full well that someday down the road (in the not too distant future) it will seem primitive and quaint. I’m not sure how close this vision comes to what we’ll get, but I have a feeling it’s where we’re headed. I’m happy to get there, but please, make the vegetable slicing and other useless information optional.

From Gizmodo.