Jun 042012

Here’s a short film (4:13 minutes) of Kilian Martin jumping and spinning, on and off his skateboard – doing the seemingly impossible. The film, Altered Route, is by Brett Novak who has filmed Martin and his remarkable style in other settings.

Martin is at his best tearing through an abandoned water park in the Mojave Desert – check out his going down a slide with the skateboard upside down, or working with two skateboards at once. Factor in the excellent camera work, great soundtrack and the surreal setting of an abandoned locale, and this is simply beautiful.

May 282012

A beautiful and surreal skateboard video, “Peter Brings the Shadow to Life,” by Joe Pease of the ephemeral shadows of a skateboarder. Different than any other skateboard video without the tricks and crashes, but it’ll make you think about shadow, light, movement – and the disorienting perspectives of seeing your surroundings through a camera.  Skateboards are the harsh reality of wheels on concrete, but in this video they seem to float on air. Inspiration for the work comes from the essay, “Shades of a Shadow – Symbolism in J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan” (with music by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis) and the following quote:

It is not uncommon for children to play with their shadows or to imagine that they are tangible. However, in order to grow up, children must leave behind this fantasy…no one ever fully grows up. Instead, growing up is a process that continues throughout life. 

The video is on Buzzfeed.

Nov 212011

Okay, this is insane but these guys are insanely good. And to think I got pulled over and ticketed once for just passing between cars on a non-moving Shuttle train under Times Square. At least being on wheels would have given me a little pleasure for the $75 it ultimately cost. No doubt the MTA is dissecting this right now to prevent more of the same.

A few minutes of delight in an otherwise gloomy day – both news (globally) and weather (at least in the northeast) – and some good camera work. Via Daily Dish and originally (where there’s much more) at Mandible Claw: