May 212012

This new street art appeared a week ago and while there’s no confirmation that it is the handiwork of graffiti artist Banksy, it’s definitely his style. Since BBC News is now running the story, we might as well repost a photo of the work, which is located in north London on the wall of a Poundland store on Whymark Avenue in Wood Green. The image of the small child sewing decorations for the Jubilee is a not so subtle reminder that despite the celebration in the U.K. of the Queen’s Jubilee, the decorative trappings may well be the work of impoverished children and families who do the work in other countries.

The image below is from Arrested Motion. As always, thought provoking.

New Street Art by Banksy

Dec 102011

Blu is the pseudonym of an Italian street artist living in Bologna. Starting out with the customary spray cans, he soon switched to paint on rollers with telescopic handles, allowing him to create much larger works. Bold and expressive, his work ranges from the whimsical to political/social commentary and urban issues.  His latest mural in Buenos Aires this past week shows a large crowd all blindfolded by the same fabric evocative of the Argentinian flag while behind (standing on?) them is a dark suited man with the presidential sash. Best seen at the This is Colossal site where there are photos from different perspectives:

Blu, Mural in Buenos Aires

Blu, Mural in Buenos Aires

And below is one of his controversial pieces done for the “Draw the Line” Festival in Campobasso, Italy.  Details of the mural can be found at the GoWhereHipHop site:

Blu, Mural for "Draw the Line" Festival

Blu, Mural for the "Draw the Line" Festival