Jul 122012
Shark for sale on the subway

Shark for sale on the subway

It seems like you see everything in NYC, but this is bizarre and – from the standpoint of the shark, incredibly sad. According to a report and photos in Gothamist, someone was trying to sell a live baby shark at 1:00am on the subway, saying he had caught it in Coney Island and that it had bitten him in the ass – this was on the J train to be precise. The article goes on to say:

This looks like a baby sand shark, which have been spotted in Coney Island a lot. The guy was asking $100 for it, but no straphangers took the bait (at least when our tipster was on board—he boarded at Essex Street and was headed towards Brooklyn).

We’ve reached out to PETA and the Humane Society of the U.S. for comment.

UPDATE: PETA has sent us their official statement, saying, “This guy may get bitten in the ass again after PETA reports to the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) that he is illegally selling a shark on the New York subway.”

And Patrick Kwan, the NY State Director of the HSUS, tells us, “the shark appears to be a young smooth dogfish shark,” and adds, “This is not only cruel and inhumane; peddling animals on the subways is alsoagainst the law. Anyone who witnesses such behavior should alert a police officer, train operator, or other MTA personnel.” 

Hard enough for the natural world to survive in the City, but this is going too far.

Mar 292012

The popular Poetry in Motion series ran for 15 years on the NYC Subways, only to be replaced for two years by a “Train of Thought” series and then, well, nothing. Careening underground in our relatively new subways cars on a system built over a 100 years ago, the Poetry in Motion project was always a moment of lightness, a reason to smile in the noise and chaos underground. Especially so when you were packed so tightly in a car that you couldn’t even get to your phone to read your mail.

According to the Gothamist, The plan is to have two new poems a quarter, eight a year, on subways, kiosks and some MetroCards. The series begins with “Graduation,” by Dorothea Tanning:

Poetry in Motion

Poetry in Motion Series returns to NYC Subways


Nov 212011

Okay, this is insane but these guys are insanely good. And to think I got pulled over and ticketed once for just passing between cars on a non-moving Shuttle train under Times Square. At least being on wheels would have given me a little pleasure for the $75 it ultimately cost. No doubt the MTA is dissecting this right now to prevent more of the same.

A few minutes of delight in an otherwise gloomy day – both news (globally) and weather (at least in the northeast) – and some good camera work. Via Daily Dish and originally (where there’s much more) at Mandible Claw: