Aug 192012

itypewriter for iPadIf you are a fan of retro devices then this is a must-have. Industrial designer Austin Yang has created an iPad-typewriter hybrid that brings back the feel and sound of an old Remington keyboard clacking away as you use your iPad. Of course, you’re not exactly browsing the Web with this, and probably not getting as much typing done as you would with an iPad holder that has a built-in keyboard or an external bluetooth device. Lang has done another experimental prototype, the iTurntable, that takes a similar approach to playing music from an iPod.

But this does have a certain charm and sooner or later, I swear it will show in a cafe in a techie neighborhood on the East or West coast. If not, it would make a real conversation piece in someone’s loft.

Of course, the typewriter has just about disappeared from our consciousness (except for a few hold-outs) but it still has a negative connotation. One wonders as it recedes into history if there will eventually be gatherings of people to “type” for an afternoon on mechanical devices. There are active groups that restore antique cars, spend thousands of hours working on railroad steam engines, that maintain and fly old planes. Perhaps once we no longer type at all – even by tapping on our screens – it will become an object of curiosity and affection much like a 19th century train.

(original story on Mashable)

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